Laser cutters can work with wide range of materials from fine paper to thick acrylic. Our larger laser cutter has a 3000mm x 1500mm bed size and can cut upto 15mm thick material.
Below are just a few common examples of materials we cut and engrave. Feel free to ask us if you are unsure about whether your material is laser safe.


Laser cut MDF achieves a clean finish and only faint burn marks that can be removed with light sanding. Veneered MDF can be lightly engraved into the wood top layer to avoid exposing the MDF underneath.

It is an inexpensive versatile material for making props, prototypes, models and displays. Please only choose a laser grade MDF.

Thickness: up to 15mm


Clear cast acrylic is ideal for laser cutting and engraves to a subtle milky white colour. It can be used for display cases, signage, furniture and jewellery.

Black & white standard thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm

Coloured standard thicknesses: 3mm and 5mm


Engraving laminates (from Rowmark™) are a 2ply acrylic based plastic designed for sign making, labelling, name plates and badges. It cuts with a clean edge and engraves to reveal the colour below.

Standard Thicknesses:  0.75mm, 1.6mm and 3.2mm, and 0.2mm laser foil.


Birch Plywood / Poplar Plywood

Choose laser grade plywood made using interior glue which gives a lighter biscuit colour finished when cut.

Plywood is great for model making, signs, furniture, jewellery, visual merchandise to name a few uses.

Type: laser birch plywood, laser poplar plywood, laser ceiba plywood

Thickness: up to 12mm


Coloured cast acrylic laser cuts beautifully and can be used for a range of purposes, such as signs, retail displays, props and decorations. When engraved it turns a milky white colour which shows up best on darker colours or can be used as subtle detailing for lighter tones.

Thickness:  up to 12mm


Cork cuts and engraves with a dark charred finish. It can be used for making promotional or personalised items, coasters and pin boards.

Standard Thicknesses: 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 5.5mm


Mirrored acrylic is engraved from the back with the design reversed; this results in a clear image and dimensional feel. It can be cut to create jewellery, decorations, furniture and signs.

Standard thickness: 3mm and 5mm


Paper is quick and easy to cut and great for creating intricate designs. It can also be laser engraved, which produces a tan colour image, or lightly scored and folded to create 3D shapes. We have methods for achieving a clean laser cut finish and reduce burn residue for spotless artwork.

Thickness: All weights of paper are suitable.


Mount Board is a versatile product to work with and is perfect for creating detailed designs, such as architectural models, set props and visual merchandise.

Standard Thickness: 5mm


Mylar Card - For Stencils
Vivak / Polycarbonate / PETG
Silicon rubber up to 3mm thickness
Glass (engraving only)
Textiles: Neoprene, Felt etc.
Fake leather *
Vinyl adhesive film *
Garment heat-transfer films, flock, flex*
* Non PVC Based
Genuine leather: up to 4mm thickness
Wood veneer
Slate (engraving only)