Laser cutters are very versitile machines that offer a precise way to cut or engrave a range of materials. By firing a fine beam along a CAD line it melts, burns or vapourizes the material below. Different results can be achieved by changing the speed and power settings of the laser, each use is described below.
Whether your project involves incredibably detailed artwork, cutting fabrication jigs or engraving text we can help out.


Laser Cutting is a precise method of cutting a design out of a material using a CAD file to guide a focused laser beam.

Our CO2 machines fire a laser that cuts by melting, burning or vaporising your material. We can achieve an extremely fine level of cutting detail on with a wide variety of materials. 

On yoru artwork please use a 0.25pt RGB RED line to show the parts you would like laser cut.


Vector engraving is a way of marking or scoring a material. Using a vector-based file the laser beam will follows the path of the vector stokes without cutting all the way through. The only difference between vector laser engraving and laser cutting is power. The width of the scored stroke is approx. 0.2mm; to engrave a thicker line you would need to use Raster Engraving.

Use a 0.25pt RGB BLUE line to show the lines you would like vector engraved.


Raster engraving is a way to fill in verctor shapes, similar to the way a printer works the laser head moves from left to right slowly down the material. The beam takes away some of the material to mark the surface, depending on the power and speed settings it can produce a very light surface engrave or a deeper marking. This type of engraving can be used on many different materials including metal.

A common use is for filling in text on your artwork, please send it over as a vector shape (on Adobe Illustrator this can be done by selecting 'create outlines'). To show which area you would like raster engraved fill the area with RGB black.


Image engraving uses a grey scale artwork and the laser scans left to right and over the material and fires the power proportionate to the depth of greyscale in the image - black areas receive maximum laser power whereas white areas do not get engraved. We can create photographic images and 3D effects up to a resolution of around 600dpi (minimum resolution is 300dpi).
We pride ourselves on providing a high quality profession service and will always go the extra mile to achieve the results you wants.
If you are looking for extra assistance such as adding branding, packaging or product assembly then ask about our additional services.